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4 Tried-And-True Moves to Tone Your Arms

Posted December 13, 2016

You don’t have to be a celebrity to attain enviable, well-toned arms. Just grab a set of dumbbells and follow this strength-training routine three times a week. Perform 5 to 10 repetitions per exercise and repeat the sequence two or three times to help get your shoulders, triceps and biceps in shape.

  • Shoulder press. Stand with a weight in each hand. Raise your hands up to ear level with your palms facing forward. Extend your arms overhead until they are almost straight. Slowly return your arms to the starting position.
  • Overhead triceps extension. Stay standing and raise your arms straight up over your head with your palms facing in, keeping your elbows close to your ears. Bend your elbows while lowering the weights behind your head. Then raise your arms and bring the weights back to the overhead position.
  • Biceps curl. Remain standing, let your arms rest at your sides, and face your palms forward. Bend your elbows, bringing the weights to shoulder level. Slowly extend your elbows back to the original position.
  • Push-up. Drop your free weights and lie down on your stomach with your legs extended and toes flexed. Place your palms face down underneath your shoulders. Push up onto your hands and toes until your arms are nearly straight, keeping a straight line from your head to your feet. Bend your elbows and lower body back down.

Remember: before you begin a new fitness routine, it’s important to talk to your doctor. Looking for a primary care physician? Go to uvahealth.com to find a doctor near you!

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