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Your heart age is not determined by years, but rather the condition of your heart. Certain risk factors speed up the aging process and put you at a greater risk for heart disease and stroke. These include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking.

Unfortunately, because these risk factors are so prevalent today, nearly half of all women in the U.S. have a heart age that is five years older than their chronological age. This means they are more likely to die of heart disease within the next 10 years.

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How do these calculations work?

Your heart age is calculated based on results from the Framingham Heart Study, which found that certain risk factors — high blood pressure, obesity — have a greater impact on your heart health.

The more risk factors you have, the “older” your heart.

Here’s the good news: when it comes to your heart, it’s never too late to turn back the clock. Diet, exercise, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are all variables you can control, so you have the power to hit rewind and take years off of your heart!

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