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Get Your Family Moving

Posted June 20, 2013

The holidays are a wonderful time for family and friends to gather and spend quality time together. It also tends to be a time when we… Read More


ACL Injuries: Not Just For Athletes

Posted June 17, 2013

When people hear about ACL injuries, they often think of men – particularly professional athletes of high-impact sports like football or soccer.

However, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)… Read More


Bladder in Training

Posted March 17, 2013

Don’t Let Incontinence Interfere with Your Exercise Routine
For many women, it’s not poor stamina or sore muscles that prevents them from exercising…. Read More


Beyond the Scale

Posted December 18, 2012

Fitness is more than just a number. While weight and body mass index (BMI) can be useful indicators of health, many other factors play into physical… Read More


Yoga Your Way

Posted August 14, 2012

According to the 2014 “Yoga in America” study, more than 20 million adults in the United States practice yoga, and that number… Read More



Posted April 11, 2012

Short Bursts of Exercise Proven Worthwhile
When your days are jam-packed with work, kids, errands and more, squeezing in a workout can be a challenge. But research… Read More